Living in the 4th Dimension
Bachelors Degree Thesis Project, 2009
School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi

This thesis dealt with a genre of architecture when a fourth dimension is given to space; Time. The idea that architecture can change over time, allows speculation about a building which interacts with its environment and its users. Rubik’s Cube can be scrambled in 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 ways. The idea is to find a logic behind the numbers combination in the cube and apply it in architecture. Assigning functions to different cube-lets and deriving a logic between the combinations and strategically achieving those combinations between the functions according to necessity, efficiency of the spaces, usability, orientation, climate etc. with respect to time. Thus generating the flexible combinations. A relation is drawn between user, space, function and time. This proposals incorporates flexible design strategies, which can adjust according to user, functional aspects varying with time. The thought that design program can be formulated based on the usage, hours of usage for the efficient use with appropriate combinations.