About Us

This is definitely not a studio that you’d anticipate it to be. We’re a miscellany of Architecture ,Nature and Technology inspired by teamwork and intelligence of Ants. Pondering upon the intersections of art, architecture and design, the studio was founded in 2010 by Monish Siripurapu, a graduate from the School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), Delhi, with a sole motive to bridge the gap between craft and machinery embracing all the spheres of art, architecture, technology and materiality fusing with nature. Through our trans-disciplinary approach in our projects, we push for Designs that go beyond functional and aesthetic concern to concoct an affiliation between the built and nature. As a research driven studio, emphasis is given on material exploration and advanced tools, tethering labor intensive construction strategies with technology.

Over years, parametric and digital fabrication tools have become instrumental in combating challenges set by intuitive design approach. More often than not, computation and fabrication tools have evolved to be a part of the design process and an access to advanced devices has only mitigated us in slamming the gap between imagination and reality. After years of ANT’s experience within the realm of architecture in India, in the year 2016, a futuristic human-robot interaction was setup with an intention to blend the brilliance of artistic intuition and logical thinking to aid achievement of speedy dividends. We aim at experimentation, by resorting to a hands-on approach in design and innovation. An urban life often encounters complexities, which we believe can be addressed by harnessing technology in designing and building systems that lives and breathes like how we do. Here is where art, architecture and landscape comes into the vibrant picture and gives renascence to new paradigms in Architectural Design.

The purpose of our enterprise is to be able to design the experience and to be able to sculpt the spaces that generate the desired experience. Our pivotal goal is to fabricate and augment the intangible and generate an essence of allure in experiencing the space that we engender. Our sole motive is to bring our creativity to life but without distancing ourselves from the nature, a sole provider of every resource for our well-being. Ant Studio served and will serve as an amalgamation between architecture and technology, research and its application, craft and precision engineering, art and computational design and cement all these field to yield main stream affirmative results.